Feb 23 – “Ask us Anything” for Parents and Youth and Professionals

Upcoming Event Dates

The next event is Tuesday, February 23rd, 7PM-8PM (EDT). It is FREE to our Patreon members. Non-members can pay $10 to access the session and will receive the registration link upon payment.

More Details

Roots Incorporated hosts Zoom discussion where parents and kids and professionals can “ask us anything” on the third Tuesday of every month, at 7PM (EDT). First, foster, adoptive, and pre-adoptive parents are all welcome. Youth adoptees are welcome if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

This is your opportunity to literally “ask us anything.” We hope our perspectives and experiences can shed some light on the burning questions in your mind.

Amanda Woolston, MSS, LSW is a white adult adoptee adopted through private domestic infant adoption by a white father and an Iroquois mother. She is a therapist, consultant, author, and political activist with over a decade of experience.

Stephanie Oyler, MSW, LSW is a Black adult adoptee adopted as a young child through foster care adoption by white parents. She is a therapist, consultant, and post-adoption support and reunion counselor.

Christopher Minch (BSW candidate) is a Latinx/Indigenous adult adoptee who was adopted as an infant from Guatemala.

Victoria Minch (BSW candidate) is the daughter of an adult adoptee. When not at Roots Inc, she works in drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Important Disclaimer

Groups are informal and are not therapy and not a replacement for therapy. Group participation does not establish a therapeutic rapport between the moderators and participants. We are unable to give medical advice.

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