Mar 11 – Anne With an E Discussion Series (season 1)

Roots Incorporated is excited to announce the first of our media discussion series. Stephanie and I (Amanda) were intrigued to find the “Anne With an E” on Netflix. Our Family Services Coordinator, Victoria, put together a wonderful discussion series program for us. We are thrilled to offer a Zoom discussion group to be held four consecutive Thursdays starting March 11th at 7PM.

The discussions are open to anyone aged 8+. Children under the age of 14 should be accompanied by an adult. Discussion questions will be provided ahead of watching the episodes. A kid-friendly episode guide is included for parents.

Patreon members can find the direct registration link by logging on to Patreon and checking our feed. Non-Patreon members should pay and register here.

More details can be found on our event page. Here is a layout of the four Zoom meetings:

Watch episodes 1 & 2 on your own.

March 11th, 7PM (EST): Zoom discussion about episodes 1 & 2.

Watch episodes 3 & 4 on your own

March 18th, 7PM (EST): Zoom discussion about episodes 3 & 4.

Watch episodes 5 & 6 on your own

March 25th, 7PM (EST): Zoom discussion about episodes 5 & 6.

Watch episode 7 on your own

April 1st, 7PM (EST): Zoom discussion about episode 7.

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