Stephanie Oyler

Stephanie Oyler, MSW, LSW

Roots Incorporated Co-Founder

Stephanie is a licensed master social worker, therapist, speaker, and writer. She was adopted transracially through the US foster care system and reunited with her birth family as an adult. Stephanie has served families through maternal-child health work, through foster care casework, and through post-adoption support. During her education, she organized students to meet the needs of non-traditional parent students on campus. Stephanie currently leads the clinical support to all members of the adoption constellation pre-and-post adoption for her county’s adoption unit. Stephanie owns Adoptee LIT, LLC which provides consultation and education to families impacted by adoption. Additionally, Stephanie co-owns Roots Incorporated through which she co-hosts an adoption podcast and co-leads the Motherloss project. Stephanie lives in the Greater Philadelphia Area with her husband, who is a registered nurse, and their two children.

My Main Passions
  • Therapy
  • Consulting
  • Collaboration
  • Writing
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